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The yearning you feel deep in your chest, that you've ALWAYS felt, for a sacred partner; is 100% REAL. The very fact that you HAVE this yearning, means IT IS FOR YOU AND IT IS COMING.

Your task is to prepare yourself for divine union. This means getting really real with yourself. Are you happy inside? Are you happy with the relationship you have with yourself? What healing does your heart, inner child and Soul need? Do you know? What past patterns have you had in relationship that you don't want to repeat?

In Holy Love, we will do DEEP heart healing work, inner child healing and major clearing of limiting ancestral pattering. All in love and with honor for our lineages. Though, you get to become a new healthy branch of your family tree. 

In Holy Love, we will do the inner healing work you need, to be a living breathing embodiment of the love you want to receive from your partner, or future partner. 

1. We begin with surrendering to being loved FULLY and COMPLETELY  by God, from the inside of your heart chakra. You are a living, breathing, walking embodiment of God's love; even if your mind tells you otherwise, or your life experiences have not shown you this, YET. It is FACT that you are God essence in form.

Katie will show you. She will take you DEEP into your own heart chakra, where God abides. This is the love that you are, and that it is safe to radiate as a human, and safe to receive in relationship. 

You COULD spend years and years in psychotherapy and reading self-help books, and hiring mediocre healers....and AVOIDING your deep inner work that you know you really must do....OR  you can turn the page now. You can surrender to your inner healing journey NOW, and find out that it is actually quite thrilling and you will be set free. To be YOU, to be JOY, to have your fulfilling Soul work, DREAM sacred relationship, and a life that sets you on fire every day! In the best way. 

I am definitely NOT talking about a relationship that is some version of a happily ever after- hollywood-fairy tale, although Holy Love IS that too. Your Holy Love will beckon you to become your fullest, brightest potential on every level. The energy of the union and your partner will challenge you to be your best self, and sometimes this absolutely requires surrending pride, being vulnerable, being seen, processing pain, being willing to look at your ugly sides squarley and choosing to let these closets fill up with love too. Holy Love sets you free. 

Your Holy Love 5 week training with me, is the training I wish I had before I suffered through 5 years with a wound mate and lost myself to toxic relating & being addicted to him. I will give you my maps that God showed me to align with my husband, and that are continuously leading me closer to myself, to God and to my hubby; every day. Yay! 


2. We will do DEEP inner child, past life and quantum energy healing. You will heal the little boy or girl inside who's needs were neglected, shamed or punished. You can come back together as whole. This is done in the kind loving light of our Creator. Katie is trained in a contemporary shamanic approach to trauma holding and healing, you are safe to heal and will have your hand held through the whole process of coming home into your heart. Your heart is a sacred temple where you are one with the Divine. It is also HERE, deep in the core of your heart, where you are already ALSO one, with your destined beloved life partner. HERE within your sacred heart space, THIS is where the YEARNING for your beloved eminates from; because it is ALREADY DONE, already written in the stars. Outside your time space reality of collapsing enough of your ego and karmas, it is already happening, already real. With Katie, you will learn how to make it your reality. This is about collapsing time, into living the timeline where you are already with God fully on the inside, LOVING yourself, and WITH your destined beloved. 



3. In so much honor and sacredness, Katie will see the divine plan for Union within everyone's hearts who embark on HOLY LOVE. She will faciliate and midwife the healings in partnership with everyone's Soul's present, whether you are with us LIVE or on the replay. You will also receive Soul Coaching homework, mediations and energy exercises to complete after each zoom session.  

The love you want is completely possible and it is for you, it is already written. You must find it first in you, with God. I'm giving you the maps I followed to Sacred Marriage. 

If you feel the YES THIS IS ME in your heart, join us!! The love you want is for you; you are worthy and it is time.


We start 11/1/21

5 week live course with Soul Coaching from Katie on Zoom

If you can't join us live each day, the replay will be just as powerful for you

You will receive Soul Coaching exercises to complete each night

Plus bonus audio healing meditations that Katie creates for her groups 

Private Facebook group with all members

VIP upgrade option for 60 min 1:1 soul coaching call with Katie

Pricing options:


+1:1 Soul Coaching call with Katie

+5 week live course

+Private facebook group




+5 week live course

+Private facebook group



Payment Plan

+5 week live course

+Private facebook group

6 biweekly payments of $217

***Once your payment is received I will contact you directly to welcome you into HOLY LOVE!! Congratulations on valueing your desire for sacred love - within you and with a partner - I'm looking foward to guiding this course! See you soon, Katie***

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