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Hi gorgeous soul,


 I'm so glad you've landed here.

For most of my life I felt like a lost, scared little girl inside. I was portraying myself as more confident than I truly felt. I was putting on masks...putting on hats...filling in roles that I was trained to believe I needed to fulfill. To make sure everyone around me was ok. So that there would be no scary outbursts. These patterns I had inherited...I also decided they would all STOP with me. I will not pass down people pleasing or a fear-filled nervous system to my future babies. Because I have healed myself with the help of amazing Healers, Therapists and Coaches...and most importantly God on the inside... I WILL pass onto my children a natural state of their inherent worthiness, self-love, self-belief, abundance and the freedom to dream their highest soul-expressed LIFE into creation throughout their life. I feel my most important role in my life, is to be FULLY myself, FULLY happy, FULLY birthing my soul success on all levels; so that my children will NATURALLY birth theirs...without having to go through a decade of healing like I have ;)

My life is no longer about healing myself, it is about resting into peace. It about surrendering deeper and deeper to God, it is about ENJOYING my life with my husband, it is about being HAPPY! 

I also happen to be inclined to share all my maps of healing and soul business expression with a multitude of magical women (or men!) like yourself :)

I LOVE to help people:

  • Heal their trauma and unwind their nervous system so they can embody the natural bliss of their Soul

  • Come into contact with their Soul's blueprint for their life - this will be the plans that give you the deepest fulfillment and highest expression of your creativity - you can also make real money by being fully yourself

  • Heal what needs healing in their relationship with money

  • Soul retrieval (this means to bring your whole inner child and soul back into oneness inside, spiritually)

  • Spritually midwife my clients' souls into thier natural state of union with God - this is also your fullest expression now as a human sensual, happy woman! 

You receive:

  • ​Weekly 1:1 healing/coaching calls with me

  • Unlimited text support and instant remote healings from me

  • A spiritual connection with me that evokes accelerated deep healing, quantum upgrade and epiphany on every level

  • Full access to my live and recorded course library - You can choose what looks fun to you and I will give recommendations as we go :) 


You can expect:

  • To be pushed & ushered through resistance to your highest, deepest self

  • Healing at the core of the core of abuse and trauma so you can claim your Sovereignty

  • Retrieval and recovery of inner child innocence

  • Guidance for healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Generations worth of healing at an ancestral level at light speed

  • Relief at the root of physical, mental and emotional pain

  • Past life healing

  • To die and be reborn spiritually many times over

  • Next level visibility, joy and wealth 

  • Greater access to intimacy in your relationships

  • FINALLY REAL spiritual freedom that your Soul has been seeking

  • Exponential heart opening

  • Invest $7000 in yourself and your healing journey

  • Experience your divine spiritual and financial inheritance from God through sharing your Soul's sacred teachings on Earth




This is a 3 month multidimensional healing container. 


This is for you if:


  • You're here for union on all levels with God, your partner, your work and money

  • You're ready to release all limitations on your own esctatic self on all levels

  • You want to heal your inner child 

  • You want to retrieve your Soul from past life wounding

  • You desire to have a fun and abundant relationship with money

  • You have decided you want the life you desire as a soul

  • You want to feel home in yourself and in your life

  • You're ok with being uncomfortable and stretched in the healing process to birth your Sacred Self

  • You desire deeper intimacy with yourself, your partner and your kids

  • You are bursting at the seams to be fully YOU! 

  • You want to live in Union with God, with your Soul and with unlimited Money!

  • You want your Soul work to be your MAIN work! You want to devote yourself FULLY to God's plan for you and your work on Earth!


If you feel a YES in your heart and soul, your next step is to apply below so we can connect and make sure this is a fit for us both. I'll be in touch very soon.

Bless you! 

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Apply for Soul Sunrise

Soul Money Sunrise will align you with the path to success that you want with your Soul work. Open and let God work through you! God moves mountains.

What Katie's clients say...

“Katie Awake is amazingly intuitive and does a wonderful job seeing her clients and their needs. I always discover new aspects of myself or my life when I work with her. She is simply full of healing, magic and love."

Daniel / Grief Coach

Katie walked me through everything she was doing in a thorough and clear manner. The healing was extrememly transformative and I continue to experience the effects even weeks after. Highly recommend if you're ready for quantum-level healing!"

Isa / Life Coach

"I'm more connected on a soul level, and Katie helped me integrate my spirit into my work- something I've struggled with throughout my entire adult life. Our work together has helped me feel expansive, free, and powerful. These are traits I knew were buried within me, but I had trouble accepting them and stepping into my power fully."

Stephanie/ Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

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