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There's always been a heaviness inside, you know the one I speak of? Where you feel deep in your belly, in your womb & in your heart, that there are past pains that you are still carrying. You KNOW that they are holding you back. As if you are moving through life with giant sand bags attached to you..pretending like they aren't there...

We carry these weights, or unprocessed traumas with us, because we've learned for some reason that we HAVE TO, that we're MEANT to, that we're PROUD TO, as if being a martyr is a good thing, as if that's something to be proud of. As if...if we just button up our lips about the pain we're in, it will somehow go away and everyone will just believe our charade that we're ok.

We'll, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do this anymore. You are seen, you are loved and you are beyond worthy of healing from your past traumas.

And here, in this 3 week program, we focus SPECIFICALLY on WOMB HEALING. Which MEANS the divine energy of your WOMB is WHO guides the healing. It's not me, it's your Womb that will lead this program. That may sound insane to you, like hey Katie aren't I hiring you to heal me? Yes, and no. I will be midwifing your healing. Which MEANS I will follow the unwinding of your energy...which will result in much much freedom for you. Tears of relief, of gratitude, and of coming home. 

During your 3 weeks of intensive (and oh so freeing) womb healing with me as your guide, you will release any and all pregnancy related memories that STILL need processing. I do a lot of this with my clients. I drop into the time/space where you were losing the baby, or getting the abortion, or delivering your baby, or feeling sad that your baby is no longer inside you...I'm there with you spiritually, with unconditional love, and I move your body/energy fully through the experience. That's how trauma processing works. We can also do multidimensional womb healing so that you can become pregnant!


I use the word trauma to mean: any experiences you had where you were overwhelmed and didn't have the support to process them in the moment. So trauma memories being stored in the body and energy field are so, so common. We all have them. Nothing to be ashamed of, ever! In fact, my top rule as a yoga teacher & as a healer, is that shame and judgement are NOT allowed. Only unconditional love & acceptance. Those are the frequencies that allow healing! 

Along with pregnancy memories processing, you may also process sexual traumas. This is very common too, and it's important to process these through. The beauty of my work, is that you do not have to remember the trauma! That is actually re-traumatizing if someone guides a client to remember. I work with A LOT of love, joy, gentleness...and the healing is guided by YOU, by your Soul, remember that. Sexual trauma processing sometimes happens without my clients even knowing, I simply guide with frequency, color and light...I tell you EXACTLY the visions that I am seeing and EXACTLY how God is working with you, so that you ALWAYS feel SAFE. We are in a constant dialog. My clients who experience trauma processing with me experience A LOT of relief and a returning of their innocence, their creativity, their sensuality, more pleasurein all ways, more money flow, and more happiness overall. 

Your investment for this 3 week program is $1111. You receive 3 1:1 private womb healing sessions with Katie & 24/7 chat support, Katie responds within 24 hours for the whole course of your 3 weeks. 

If you are feeling a deep yes in your womb...

If you are ready to invest in your healing journey financially...

If you are ready to reclaim happiness, ease in your body, abundance, pleasure and more prosperity...

Then, book in and schedule your womb healing program below :) Talk to you soon!

To your total healing & rebirth,


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