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Makin’ a new vinyasa sequence ✨🤩😻👣💁�

Katie Awake

Hello there! So glad you landed on my website :) I've been building out this website ever since I started my healing business back in 2013. I just absolutely LOVE helping people BE THEIR FULL SELF! When I say FULL self I mean as a Soul. We do not have to follow unnecessary rules that people of this world have made (particularly standards that actually hurt people and cause them to dim their lights!) NO! You get to be free. You get to safe to be yourself! Physically, sensually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively and in business!


This planet comes with a lot of constrictions, rules, supposed regulations, arbitrary families, cultures, medicine, schools, government and food industries. I just so happen to be a person who enjoys breaking out of ALL rules that don't make sense...and naturally, I love helping my clients break out of boxes too! I'm particularly an expert in the subtle energetic realms :)

M Y  A P P R O A C H

When I open up a 1:1 healing, or a group healing, I am tuning into the clients' energy patterns, all as maleable frequencies. The energies that keep people the most stuck are shame and guilt; particularly if they are carrying these due to traumas that weren't actually their fault. People keep themselves stuck re-living record tapes of their past (childhood and past lifetimes) unknowingly. This impacts severly their ability to be happy, to actually create the life they want, to have a soulful romantic relationship, to have a great relationship with food, to love their body, to thrive financially and more. Invest in your healing work and you will catapult yourself to the greatness that you KNOW you are capable of. 


How I work as a Healer

The actual energy healing that I do is me seeing the clients knotted up unprocessed traumas in their body, chakra and aura. By seeing the energy it begins to heal itself. From here I call on inumerable healing tools to facilitate the process. I work with specific bandwiths of lights such as light pink - divine feminine love - or lime green - a gel energy that heals and seals wounds. It depends on what I'm working on and what freqency is needed. I also speak in a specific way, with certains words in certain energies that the client/group needs to hear to unlock certain epiphanies needed in the moment. I also often call on the forces of nature (earth, fire, water, air, ether) for healing. Sessions are a blend of verbal dialogue, guided energy healing in a meditative state, and shamanic journeying. The client's Soul's desires are the map that I follow to usher in how they want to feel, the changes that they want and the outcomes they want in their life. 

Curious about working with Katie?

We can chat and I will ask intuitive questions to help you expand into more of who you are as a Soul. All of our work occurs through the grace, love and abundance of God. ~Katie

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