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Can we just get over this thing already that we aren't supposed to be full, brimming over, happy, orgasmic, FUN, wealthy...and ALL THE AWESOME THAT we truly are? I've had ENOUGH.
You too? ok, let's go.

This is the kind of stuff I think about all the time. Why don't people feel FREE to be themselves? You see, I'm in the business of freeing people as Souls from the inside. And it's of course not "me" doing it, it's God and Christ working through me. And nothing pisses me off more than when I see that religious/family/cultural dogma has thrown someones relationship with their own BRILLIANCE off course!! I mean the whole point here is to wake up to who you truly are inside, spiritually, with God. That's why we come here! We're interested in helping you with the unwinding of things like....'don't be full of yourself' 'don't be selfish' 'don't be too much' 'don't be too loud' and on and on..... and yawn and yawn..... Truly, as the pure hearted stallion of love and truth and healing and justic that YOU the moments where you wonder if you are being too much...or if you feel guilty...or selfish....or 'can I really do this'? 'Can I really have ALL of this'? 'Am I really worthy of a beautiful life'?.... you are RIGHT ON FUCKING TRACK! That little queezyness when the people pleaser is dying is the sweet sound of your Embodied, Fully Expressed SOUL awakening! Turn the volume up! 

Full of Yourself is a very, very FUN came to me as an answer to me needing to FREE my inner sensual, sexual, lovely, fun, playful, goddess self! This will also free you to let the trumpets out through your work! You get to be FULLY YOU! And it starts by realizing it is actually a GOOD  GREAT thing to be FULL OF YOURSELF! 


How could she... look at that strut.... and those heels... that swagger.... that *awful* CoNfIdEnCe 😱😱 who does she think she is??!! *faints*
Do you ever notice how it’s women usually doing the judging of other women? Perhaps this is a projection of how their inner *Full of Themself* sexy, awesome, healthy, soul-connected, free-as-a-bird, light-filled, awesome woman self is cut off?? PERHAPS they see *in you* what is DEEP DOWN in them too. 🍓🍓🍓
What would happen if we peeled back the layers on you being you? What would occur if you got to the bottom of when/why/how you learned that being full, juicy you was a bad thing? What if you DECIDED to set your soul free?

Full of yourself is honestly my most favorite work that has streamed out of my mouth so far!! It is so fun & liberating!! Coaches, healers, leaders, entrepreneurs can focus so much on trying to make money, trying to get things just right...and a lot of times this comes from trying to please mommy/daddy...or other authority figures! Sorry, but it's true!

These six incredible audio trainings will blast you straight into absolute fire, love, truth and Soul from INSIDE yourself with GOD! You are a powerful, sexy, divine, magentic, money machine and it's time you ACT like it! 

Get your power shoes back on...strap into your own Soul SHOW! Let's see what you GOT! 

Seriously.. I was gleefully laughting and so so pleased with myself as I made these...and the women in the original live container with me LOVED them! They had all kinds of epic inner healing changes including peace with their body, healing in their relationship with food and increased sales in their soul businesses. 

You get to be born now from the inside. For a lot of us, the pre-teen years took a toll on us being able to feel FREE to be ourselves and to feel GOOD about our muchness...our developing bodies...our love of get to have that back! You get to unleash her now. 

Becaaaaause ... I want you to be FULL OF YOURSELF!!! 
Your joy, your charisma, the special traits that make you YOU!!
Your spark, your special sauce, your sauciness.
The ways you are YOU that no one else can be!!
I want you to have your own sparkliness for BREAKFAST!! 
And OF COURSE this all naturally means life is more fun, love is more available, you get to have what you want! Because you WANT yourself!

What happens when you start to love yourself SO much that you mow down on a stack of your own soul pancakes for dinner? Your life becomes very, very rich :) from the inside of your strawberry heart out :) 

Full of Yourself is a very powerful series of 6 audio trainings...but it is SO much more!

Take this journey with me to be filled up by your own LIGHT! The best parts o\about you might be hiding under shame, embarassment....or silly notions such as...dont be selfish, don't be greedy, don't be too much now dear....  and to that we say HOGWASH! Let's get on now with being FULL of yourself, with God, with Truth, with your own gorgeous SOUL from the inside :) Thank me later! xo Katie

You also will have the recordings to play back again and again, for life! 

Check out what the dozens of women who have journeyed with me already have to say... 


Hi, I'm Katie Awake. Nice to e-meet you! So glad you've found our Full of YourSelf FUN! This is an EPIC way to try out energy healing...witchery healing....get all upgraded in your own hot self madness! 

Around here we believe in fun, love, joy, sacred union and soulful wealth!

I've been a healer in this life since 2013. The main purpose of my work is sacred union with God, with Christ and to help women birth their real self and sacred destiny.

What the ladies say
full of yourself today

6 audio trainings

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All recordings are Yours for life!

Hey! I'd love to see you on the socials too! Follow me there for more fun antics...everything I do is about real healing and sacred union! Always with a lot of love and joy!

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