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About my work:


The colors of light that I work with:

Over the years I have gotten to know the different bandwidths of healing light colors that happen during my sessions with people. They are so powerful, gentle, dependable, consistent, strong, smart and loving! They show up to me as specific rays of colored light; they also come as certain spiritual healing beings that work with me and with my clients. I’ll empasize here that it is not me ‘healing’ people; these are higher celestial star beings. They show up specifically for my clients in ways that are meaningful to the client. 


Each healing frequency supports the client to have the exact ancestry, inner child, past life soul retrieval, trauma healing and more… that they need. People also experience profound pain relief, inner epiphanies about self development, relationships, soul mission, purpose, business and wealth creation. 


Here are the most common ones that we work with:


Blue to light blue: Sometimes as a marble-y bluish/white. Christ union energy. This one I see most often coming in crown and heart chakras. Proving balancing of yin and yang energies. Masculine and feminine energies. It also comes in to help people heal religious trauma and restore them to God union inside; their most natural truths. It is a sacred union frequency that can guide healing in marriages too; or help call in sacred marriage energies. Not just romantic relationships but any relationship can restore to union - parent/child etc. 


Pink and red: I see pink and red hues when a client's physical body is responding well and integrating healing. They also feel like divine feminine beings coming in to assist the healings. Definite strong feminine love vibes! 


Yellow and gold: Higher frequency divine energy. When a client is opening to more God union inside. Most often I see this in the crown chakra as the client is receiving more of their own divine spiritual energy into their physical body. But it’s not restricted to the crown area; I often see rays of gold coming into any area of the body. It’s entirely between God and the client what happens based on what they need. 


Lime Green! This is one of my favorites. It is a spiritual version of aloe vera gel. A soothing balm to wounds. I work with this A LOT! 


I do not plan sessions in advance. This knowledge I have laid out are a snippet of my observations over 10 years of spiritual healing work. The sessions are orchestrated between God and my clients Souls. I have the happy joy of being an assistant and spiritual midwife. 


Lots of love,


Curious about working with Katie?

We can chat and I will ask intuitive questions to help you expand into more of who you are as a Soul. All of our work occurs through the grace, love and abundance of God. ~Katie

Pink Sugar

Hi! I'm Katie Awake. Energy reader, Spiritual Healer through the Peace of God, Sacred Marriage Guide and Abundance Mentor. You've landed here on my page because I have - and continue to- heal all of this in myself. I happen to be ridiculously driven to be - COMPLETELY FREE AS THE SOUL THAT I AM THROUGH GOD - and I'm wired to help you do the same. 

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