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Would you like to feel more peaceful?

Are you here to enact a beautiful, life-giving relationship between your Soul Purpose and joyful prosperity?

Are you curious about how I help people FEEL and live from the Peace of God through their own energy?

First, you need to know that abundance is your birthrite, that God is your true source, God IS abundance, therefore abundance IS your natural state. 

Perhaps you deeply know and feel abundant money in your Spirit, yet it is not in your physical reality yet.

Or perhaps you find reading these statements about God and money make you feel uncomfortable or fidgety...   perfect! We can work with that :)

My whole job on planet Earth is to help people experience the Abundance of God in their finances, their marriages, their Soul Creative work and more. 

Here in my world you will find writings, courses and programs that help you surrender to the Peace of God in all areas of life!

God wants your physical reality to reflect the joy and abundance of your Spirit. 

Ready? Keep reading :)

The consciousness state of your lower chakras is what dictates what is currently manifesting in your physical reality.

I help people clear their chakras of outdated, familiar, lack fear and trauma.

So that your base chakras are TUNED to the abundance of God, rather than wordly troubles.

I am able to see energetically what is throwing you off tune. 

God makes the corrections in alingment with your Souls destiny.

So what stagnations do I help people clear?

Sexual trauma violation memory

War trauma

An unwillingness to see their self (due to false beliefs that they think their core self is bad)

Money loss trauma

Worth issues

Religion abuse

Parental abuse

Hidden limitations on how 'much' they learned its ok for them to be ("too much" "not enough" etc. )


Hiding their magic

Birth related traumas and fears

Medical & surgical traumas 

The list goes on...

Thankfully ALL of these healings can occur RAPIDLY through the love and peace of God. 

I have a team of ascended beings that work through me with my lovely clients; they show up as certain colors of healing lights in our sessions. 

What results can you expect from energy healing with me?

An inner alignment process with the light of God occurs.

People are often VERY pleasantly surprised with the peace, calm and JOY that they feel. Joy is actually the energy of God. 

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