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You are a flow of creation (1).png

I know that this may blow your mind. But, let me say it anyway! There is and never has been, anything wrong about you. Every little flow, every toe, every emotion, every thought, every creation, every desire, every feeling.....they are all divine. Of divine origin and on their way back into oneness with the divine.

What fascinates me in my client work is this: There is generally ONE detour, one flow, one trauma.... that is mis-directing the holy flow of God....through their body. MEANING...a wrong turn in their kundalini life force flow. Keep in mind that when I say the flow of God THROUGH your body...I mean your sexual energy flow, the flow of life, the flow of your innate WEALTH, the movement of your Soul, who you are meant to BE! The way God desires to express through you....IS YOU! Child, we see you! 

There may be ONE sexual trauma, past life traumatic death, this lifetime's childhood trauma.....sure multiples flows that need direction to heal...meaning to come back into ONENESS inside spiritually...but there is generally ONE misdirection. One MAJOR correction that needs to happen to get it all on course! Sexual energy flow, pleaure flow, ease with childbirth, brain healing, inner child coming into safety, money flow.....CREATION FLOW! 

It's hard for me to explain myself...I am talking about getting the flow of CREATION flowing freely THROUGH your body/energy. 

No more misteps, no more wasting your time on things that aren't for you, no more letting your money slip away...your energy slip away...your voice go unnoticed... we (me, you, God, Christ, the Sacred Feminine) we all partner to CORRECT THE FLOW OF GOD TO MOVE FREELY THROUGH YOU AND AS YOU! This is your TRUE self. And the mirrored reflection of your Soul's TRUE 3D life/results OCCUR. THEY CAN'T NOT. 

     Enjoy a complimentary Flow of Creation call here! (value $777) And then, if you like it, book in your individualized call with me :)

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