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Money is abundant light from God! 


We're here to help disentangle you and your money from all obstructions, entanglements and scarcity coding.


It doesn't have to be hard any more. You don't have to work for it anymore.


Yes you'll do lots of Soul aligned action..but no more of this paradigm of 'working towards' money. Money just IS. And it is FOR you.


Christ is beckoning you to money in your heart. He is showing you it is safe. He is opening his heart, showing you it's safe to open your heart to abundance also.


All pain, fear, lack, done now.


TIme to open up little one, into the light of God...of the Masters...of Christ. They came here to show us what we can do too! And they are still here. Among us. As you, as me.


The true riches of your heart are beckoning you IN. The money is there. The client contracts. The agreements..the ones you made before you were born. Is all here.


The money you want can come to you when you open up to it inside your heart. You don't have to be on edge, scared or vigilant anymore. As you open to the truths of your heart, to Christ inside, you will feel it all coming to you. Tens of thousands of dollars and more, coming to you, and you will hold it in your hands. This is what you will unlock within the Quantum Gold Mastermind with me. It will change the course of your life.


Quantum Gold was given to me from Christ, as his energy, his style, his frequency, his unconditionally loving guidance, nurturing love, all seeing view and prosperity. He is very much alive in this container leading the inner work. You will be given this too! Money is of God. Let's restore this for you, for your life and for your legacy. 

Christ Money Mastermind is open for enrollment now

Hear from the women inside

Hear from the women inside

What Katie's clients say...

“Katie Awake is amazingly intuitive and does a wonderful job seeing her clients and their needs. I always discover new aspects of myself or my life when I work with her. She is simply full of healing, magic and love."

Daniel / Grief Coach

Katie walked me through everything she was doing in a thorough and clear manner. The healing was extrememly transformative and I continue to experience the effects even weeks after. Highly recommend if you're ready for quantum-level healing!"

Isa / Life Coach

"I'm more connected on a soul level, and Katie helped me integrate my spirit into my work- something I've struggled with throughout my entire adult life. Our work together has helped me feel expansive, free, and powerful. These are traits I knew were buried within me, but I had trouble accepting them and stepping into my power fully."

Stephanie/ Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

Results from 9 months of bathing in the energy of Christ Money:

  • You embodied in your Soul's golden, innocent, childlike, fun, full-on-fire... JOY

  • Making the money your Soul wants to make in the way you want to make it

  • You CREATING the visions from your Soul

  • Aligned, consistent and feels-good-in-your-bones business strategy

  • You earning 10K, 20K.....even 100K or more monthly. The amount of money you earn is your choice and you must align your energy and actions with it. It's not something I can 'guarantee' because it is unique to you in many ways. Though I can say many of my clients begin earning more money through their businesses quickly once they are working with me IF they go DEEEEEEEP in their inner child and Soul healing work. Your soul has desires for the money you want and for how you want to make it; follow that inner map and you will have it; no matter how long it takes. We are in this for the long game.

  • You with an incredible community, supportive loved ones, an audience that adores your Soul and LOVES to pay you!

  • You HEALED from trauma/blocks/old programming/fears/ancestral stuff etc. 

  • You being your awesome, deep, soulful, in-love-with-life self! 

Feel the knowing that our Christ Money Mastermind is the sacred womb space to birth your spiritual & material success?

Investment options:

Pay in full $10,000

Payment plan $1222 monthly for 12 months


Your next step is to fill out the application below. I'll be in touch with you very soon through email. So excited to talk with you! ~Katie

Because of pain, fear and trauma; women are often disconnected from the pleaure, joy and true LIGHT of money. These same disconnections or numbness will also block them from true union with their partner or spouse. In Quantum Gold you will experience spiritually a restoration of Sacred Union within your bones. With yourself, with God, with Christ, with money and in your marriage (or partnership/future partnership if your Soul desires this).

I also LOVE channeling information from the divine for women about their Soul Business blueprints. So you can do business in EXACTLY the way God wants to work through you! This is also the way that is MOST joyful, aligned, powerful, fun an d prosperous!

Over these 9 months together, you will receive divine information about how you want to construct your business. Whether it is in person or virtual, or both! You will be freed from the inside to do business exactly how your Soul desires to.  Perhaps in the way you have wanted to for lifetimes. This is your lifetime to be TOTALLY FREE! TOTALLY SUPPORTED! ABUNDANTLY RESOURCED! as the loving queen that you are. 

All channels within that need to open for love and abundance, will. Truthfully this is the ending of all scarcity/fear/trauma from your bones and the awakening of your Soul's REAL LIFE! The one you have been wanting, craving and desiring for lifetimes! You are also the walking dream of your ancestors! Breathing it all AWAKE. It is your path to embody all that you came here to be and have a massive, beautiful planetary awakening effect. By BEING FULLY you! 

I am so glad you're with us and I would love to chat with you about joining Christ Money Mastermind!

This is the 9 month gestation period, in beautiful supportive sisterhood, for to be an embodiment of sacred union between divine feminine and masculine creative energies; AND sacred union between you and money.

This mastermind is for you if you KNOW in your Soul that you came here to have spiritual AND financial wealth from your Soul.

We are doing money differently on this planet now. This new money paradigm is God led and Christ led. No more does money have to have negative, sticky, icky or bad connotations in your mind or body. Those distortions are generations and lifetimes old. It is time to free money so that she can be your friend. A very good friend. Money supports you! 

Women often fear money and project onto money their abuse wounds. 
This can end now, lovingly and in the light.

Truly, your Soul is ready for a Sacred relationship with money. One that is absolutely SAFE in the light of God. A relationship that is harmonious, loving, supportive, innocent and joyful! Just like you, you divine star!  

Over these amazing 9 months together we meet weekly on zoom and you have 1 monthly 1:1 45 min healing and coaching call with Katie; for your Soul's highest Success on ALL levels. This means deeper union with God on the inside and union in marriage/partnership and union with money through sharing your Soul work!
Please note, we take the month of December off every year :)

Apply for Christ Money Mastermind:

Thanks for submitting! Katie will be in touch with you within 2 days.

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