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     You've always had a yearning inside to be truly met. To be truly understood. You have always KNOWN in your SOUL that Divine Union with your Soul mate is not only possible, but that it is a CERTAINTY. Why then hasn't it happened yet? Why have your past relationships been lack luster or even destructive? What is the missing piece?

    Come Journey with me to YOUR sacred union. What you haven't done yet is UNITE WITH YOU! With God inside you! This is the place that needs to be unlocked, explored and loved by YOU before another can meet you here. 

    These 7 modules, journal exercises and 10 guided healing meditations will open you up to heal your sexual energy, walk you through step-by-step healing of early life sexual development, to find God inside and fall madly in love with yourself. This will open you to be available to your future perfect partner. Your MATCH....who loves you most when you don't believe you are loveable, who aligns with you spiritually, and who celebrates your wild success!  

In Love

     You're tired of unfulfilling relationships and of feeling disconnected during sex. You're ready for the actual inner work that it takes to be able to experience true intimacy with another!

This Journey to Sacred Union course gives you:

  • An awakening experience to the true nature of your sexual energy

  • An introduction to the Sacred priestess teachings of sacred sexuality

  • Guided healing to cleanse, heal and uplift you from limiting beliefs you learned about your body and your sexual energy as a young person 

  • Teaching and healing guidance for your Soul purpose activation age a.k.a. puberty! Remember fumbling through and feeling awkward? This course gives you a chance to re-connect with 12 year old you, cleanse your soul of past karmas and awaken to your REAL purpose that was TRYING to be birthed through you at that time. You're welcome :)

  • Guided healing to develop your chakra system starting as a baby to the present day! Just let Katie's meditations do their magic for you. 

  • Balance your inner feminine and masculine energies. 

  • A secret special guided healing that you can ONLY  do at the end in your 10th guided meditation, no peeking in advance! Enjoy the holy of holies, the merging of heaven and earth. Inside you, you cute human! Yes you were always worthy of a Sacred Marriage! 

journey to sacred union.png

Journey to Sacred Union is great for you if:

  • You feel a deep yearning for your Soul mate

  • You want to uncover true intimacy with yourself and another

  • You are healing from sexual trauma

  • You desire better sexual experiences

  • You want to experience sacred union with God, with yourself and with a partner

  • You have a knowing inside that true sexuality is a pathway to God and you want some guidance to get there! 

Value of course content $1500

It's yours

(with lifetime access) 

for $99

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