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The angry part of me always used to feel like the least spiritual part of me. It felt like the least loveable part. The sinful part. The part where all the bad things happened. The stuff we're not supposed to talk about. And I learned as a girl to NOT be angry. Me being angry meant getting sent away/shamed/silenced until I could 'behave'. Whatever the heck that means. I learned to hide anger. I learned to NEVER be angry. I believed DEEP in my Soul that ANGER RUINS THINGS. Anger ruins relationships. Connection (love) goes away if I am angry or if another gets angry with me. Anger was seen as BAD BAD BAD. 

My journey of unwrapping anger from shame, of becoming safe with my own anger, of learning it is not only OK to feel...but of learning how to let people I love SEE my anger...has been profound. I'm very grateful to David Bedrick's and Simone Seol's work with shame. This past fall their co-teaching on these subjects was life changing for me. And truly all of my healers/coaches/therapists/friends over the years continue to help me so much. 

I have also been able to alchemize shame out of my body through my husband being present with me, loving me and growing along side me. We've been together almost 6 years now and I have come into so much more wholeness within myself; I am so grateful. 

The inner path I have followed to become safe with my angry self has been painful, liberating and a relief. I have realized that my whole inner self is a great mystery of life, death, creation, soaring high, creativity, magic, unexpected twists and turns...and more. The more of ME that I sink into and become ok with; the more peaceful I feel inside. The more of ME that I realize is magic; the easier it gets to birth my Soul led creations into the world. Like this one :)

I'm going to be leading a 2 hour group healing event on 11/21/22 called Creative Anger.

Not only will this class guide you into safety with your own angry that you can FINALLY  reclaim ALL THAT voice, power, cretativity and endless orgasmic magic that is YOU! But you will SINK into the infinite depth of your own Soul..and into God ! 

I recommend this class for creatives, intuitives, healers, therapists, entrepreneurs....and anyone who knows they are super pissed off inside about abuse or injustice.. and WANT to feel better in their body, want to create from their Soul and want to come alive more as the magical human that they are.

As an energy reader, healer, quantum success coach and entrepreneur myself; I specialize in inner child and Soul part integration, helping people bring their Soul purpose and mission to life and spiritual energy healing. I have been running my business as a Healer for 10 years and have worked with hundreds of clients internationally. My clients regularly experience profound results such as deeper union with God inside, retrieval and integration with their own inner child, increased sales in their businesses, harmony in marriages or calling in soul mate partners, and feeling more joy! 

More details on what to expect and what results you are likely to have in this upcoming Creative Anger group healing event:

🦋I’m VERY excited to share the somatic & spiritual exercises that helped me transmute rage from past abuse (childhood, past life and ancestral) into beautiful creative energy!
🦋Inner child and Soul part integration: parts of the self who were cut off, shunned, excommunicated, executed in past lives, sent away, shamed….for being angry or for expressing anger about injustices…we’ll walk with you back into your Soul.
🦋We will support you to neutralize negative beliefs about anger. That anger is bad, shameful, scary, causes relationships to end, is not feminine, is ugly etc.
🦋We will establish new liberating and fun beliefs that anger is a form of your power. That it is creative energy. That it can now be harnessed for good!

Anger can now be channeled into your Soul voice! Anger can be a part of constructing right boundaries in your life.

🦋I’ll share some stories of my own inner personal journey with anger and self liberation
🦋I originally wrote this piece a few days ago and I already feel a more integrated version of me planning this event. So integrating angry parts WILL be a part of this event and on an even greater scale it is about living into being the FLOW OF CREATION that you are. An infinite embodiment.

👑PEACE…you will feel SO much more peaceful inside!
👑A yummy, warm homecoming feeling with yourself in your heart
👑Realizations that you are not bad and there is nothing wrong with you
👑WAAAAAAY more freedom with your own creative energy! (Creative energy is God)
More open Flow of Creation! This is what I call the Kundalini flow, the life force flow, it is your sexual energy flow, it is God. The flow of life energy up and down your spine and all around your whole beautiful taurus shaped energy field. Giant rainbow flow of energy.

The somatic/spiritual movement exercises that I will share guide this!
Deeper union with self/God/partner/business/money

This will lovingly conclude childhood coping patterns if anger wasn’t ok for you to express. You’ll be safe, it will be ok. You’ll establish healthier, liberating patterns. No one will force you to do anything. I’ll be following what I’m guided to say in the exact ways that you need.

I expect a lot of powerful, powerful cats to show up! Rawr 😉 !!

And, as always, group healing events with me are entirely created for the Souls who attend. God, my spiritual team and my Soul will be following the energy of the Soul’s who show up! You can expect powerful, deeply peaceful and liberating energy work! 👑

This is a 2 hour FLOW OF CREATION event. Cost is $68. We will meet Monday 11/21 at 2pm CST. A replay is available if you can’t attend live!

🧡🧡I’m also including my pre-recorded course SPEAK as a gift! Normal cost $77. Speak is 3 recorded zoom trainings that bring forward your Soul voice and Soul mission.


After your purchase is complete, I will email you all the details you need plus our zoom link for class.

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