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Current Launch! 10 weeks live with me begins July 9th 2022!

To the big souls here on Earth to serve a grand purpose...

This is the Sunrise of love on this planet...


We're just getting started :)

You've been at this a long, long time.


Holding the light codes of humanity.


Watching the same dark forces manipulate humanity with different tactics in different ages.


And you...


You with your voice


You with your Soul


You with your eternally, optimistic, in-love-with-humanity heart.


Bless you, and thank you for being here! Again!


We need you in ALL of your glory.


There are ways that your heart & throat are tied up...still slightly in knots of traumas prior.


From all the times you shouted out your truths and were turned away.


It hurts to keep truths in.


Let's untie them :)


It wasn't your fault that things didn't go how you thought they should...on this planet there IS a lot of injustice...


Though just because there is a lot to do...a lot of inversion programming to turn upright...a lot of patterns to untie....


It doesn't mean you should be disheartened.


For you... with a bright, open ARE the medicine.


It's in your BEING


Your plans are there, coded within you.


I have a new offering that's been coming through me for a few days...


Inner Soul Mastery


To lift advanced soul healers higher


To assist them into deeper union with God 



To awaken their gifts NEXT LEVEL


To help them become more comfortable with the financial wealth that goes hand in hand with their Soul mission


I am SO excited to connect with you!!!! 


Your investment in yourself is $2222


I'm running a BRAND NEW LIVE LAUNCH of Inner Soul Mastery for a group of 10 Souls! We start 7/9/22.


In session, as your spiritual midwife and quantum healer... I see you spiritually in relationship with God, and

facilitate the energy healings that you need to incarnate more of birth who you really joyfully bring forward your mission further!!! ...this will be moving through & beyond childhood/pastlife/societal programming - into TRUE you.


The one with the WINGS!!

The one who CAN"T HOLD BACK any more


This is specifically designed to S T R E T C H you into being MORE of you

To expand your energy field 10X

So you can hold more of YOU

More of your Soul gifts

More of your Mission

More of your Power

More of your VOICE


And we heal/support your Nervous System in this adjustment THE WHOLE WAY

So that are safe and well guided.


Your next step is to make your payment here. Once processed, contact me directly on facebook messenger here so we can celebrate you!

We will have 10 live group sessions, a facebook group and unlimited chat support the whole time! The replays will be yours for life. 

I look forward to supporting your healing & highest/deepest soul success! 

In massive love,



What Katie's clients say...

“Katie Awake is amazingly intuitive and does a wonderful job seeing her clients and their needs. I always discover new aspects of myself or my life when I work with her. She is simply full of healing, magic and love."

Daniel / Grief Coach

Katie walked me through everything she was doing in a thorough and clear manner. The healing was extrememly transformative and I continue to experience the effects even weeks after. Highly recommend if you're ready for quantum-level healing!"

Isa / Life Coach

"I'm more connected on a soul level, and Katie helped me integrate my spirit into my work- something I've struggled with throughout my entire adult life. Our work together has helped me feel expansive, free, and powerful. These are traits I knew were buried within me, but I had trouble accepting them and stepping into my power fully."

Stephanie/ Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

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