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It's been long enough that we've collectively ignored what REAL health is, don't you think?

All this garbage getting thrown around, all of our food, drug, water and air supplies just full of chemical and toxins. If you're here on this page reading this...I'm sure you know too what health actually is!!!

Health is living in tune with Nature. With God's abundance! With the fruit of the Earth! Just like how animals (when left alone and to their natural instincts) live, eat, and move in tune with the Earth. We're not different. We've just had a milenia of dogmatic programming, industrialization, depressions, wars, famines, trauma...and most importantly an evil agenda by entities NOT of the light to KEEP humanity frozen, dumb, stuck, numb and asleep.  A LOT of this is done via the chemicals/plastics/metals/pesticides put purposefully into meat, dairy, water, processed "foods", pharmaceuticals, vaccines etc. There's also A LOT of malevelont interference with the health of humanity SPIRITUALLY. There are negative forces in opposition to the awakening of humanity to her rightful home EARTH and our real father GOD. 

So much is twisted up inside people...trauma, negative interference, overwhelm of toxins...then add on top of that the mind programming to be sick/sad/dumb from hollywood, from the music industry, from religion, from the "education" system... it's a lot. 

Fear not!

The antidote to ALL OF THE ABOVE is union with God inside! Hopefully that feels joyful to you? If not, clear your religion programming + get some dark entitiy clearing cause your head has been messed with. Union with God inside IS LIGHT, JOY, ABUNDANCE AND FREEDOM. To be the FULL you, how HE wants you to be! Your desires for yourself and for your life ARE REAL AND WERE PLANTED HERE FOR A REASON. Your Soul's desires ARE God's desires. CREATE. 

Now, let's get to the part about HOLY CELLULAR SANCTUARY.

You were created by God, therefore when you eat the fruits of the Earth, your body heals and shifts into proper health.

Raw, organic fruits & vegetables from nutrient dense healthy soil. 

That's why, for these 10 day or 30 day health reset programs we add in organic Superfoods. They are grown in nutrient dense soil, dehydrated by the Sun, and shipped right to your door. Unless you have a wildly abundant, healthy soil, garden in your yard (which is awesome) this will serve your body immensely. Your cells will be drenched and quenched by the best nourishment on the planet. Grown on a private, organic farm in Utah USA. Now, adding these superfoods to a plant-based diet, you will soar. 

Health is not injected into the body, it doesn't come in supplements or pills, you can't meditate your body into alkalinity, you can't eat processed foods, store up tons of emotional pain...and then be surprised when you feel like crap & have cancer/disease. 

This plandemic & isolation has been hard on all of us, so lets do the inner healing work we need to to blow this popstand! REJECT the bullshit indoctrinations, REJECT the "food" that IS NOT FOOD, REJECT "Health Care" that is really sick/death care. REMEMBER real health :) Fruit, vegetables, fresh water, sunshine, exercise, sleep, do your Soul's creative work and connect with God. That's our ticket to freedom. That's how we REJECT the false matrix and come home to truth inside. 

HEAL, CLEANSE AND UPLIFT YOUR BODY'S ENERGY with God's abundance. Along with eating mostly, if not all organic plants, you're welcome to add in the organic superfoods below to heal your gut microbiome (real immune system), flood your cells with nourishment, have way better energy, create an environment within your body ro recover from illness, activate your body's ability to heal herself/himself, and create a sanctuary within for your Soul to flourish! You deserve innately to be happy, healthy, wealthy, safe & free. 


HOLY CELLULAR SANCTUARY begins 5/15. Order your superfoods by 5/10.


Join our facebook group here today.


I will be popping in a few times during our 10 day program to lead group energy healing too. To facilitate the emotional and spiritual cleansing that people are going through. 

Low cost option: Epigenius (chocolate flavored superfoods + gut healing herbs included)


10 day nourishment program (amino acids to build soft tissue, green superfoods, gut healing herbs and organic tart cherry juice for awesome sleep)


30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Curious to add in a partnership with this organic superfoods company to support yourself, your family and community in real health with an extra unlimited stream of income? Send me a direct message via the chat box below.

In massive love,


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