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     9 years ago I started my business as a healer. I used to pile up notebooks upon notebooks of notes, diagrams, downloads, ideas, inspirations, notes about inner energy healing, maps of sacred union...all the stuff that would become my soul-led business. Only thing was, back then I was only charging $80-100/ hour! And I was only seeing clients 1:1 in person! I had a blog too...and was creating social media posts...always have...can't stop! But gosh, I just always felt like I had SO much more inside me to let out! At one point, I was finally starting to heal from this tumultuous relationship (emotionally abusive, truly) and this crazy, comet energy just whooshed through me! I knew that I needed to paint my whole apartment orange! So I did just that. To me, it felt like I was making the inside of my spirit ...seen....and known....I wanted the world to see I was bright. Even though this was just me and ocassionally the maintance man who would see my apartment interior...but still! It was a declaration to myself. You get it. 

     I feel like a lot of spiritual, creative women have so much art inside of them. So many words that want to flow. So much beauty that deserves to thrive...but it gets tied up inside. Or we learned it wasn't ok to shine! True for you too?

I really think you should shine.

I'd love to see you being fully you! Aligned from the inside! Bright, brilliant, rich, having fun...being you! 

What I have done created a platform for my past self ... I am including, and continuously adding...every single tool, secret, practice & strategy that my past self could have reeeeeaaaaally used to be successful much, much sooner in my soul business. 

You don't have to spend yeeeeeears knowing, clawing at, drowning in, being afraid of......the holy UNLEASHING of your genius!!! I want to free her now!

You don't have to stack up your journals of ideas, dreams, downloads, creations....just to let them collect dust in your closet like I did.

It doesn't have to take years to finally be ready enough (that never happens) to choose to just be yourSELF! 

You don't have to wait to be her. 

It is ok to start charging what you really want to be charging, now. Not only are you worthy and deserving and all that jazz...because you...just...are....but it gets to be the way you have always wanted. It gets to be a wealth creation machine. One that changes lives for the better. One that is part of the new birthing, new Earth, paradigm. One that unfolds ways with money that FREES souls! Money gets to work for you now.

I've also purposefully chosen 2 very affordable cost levels for this platform, that past me would have been able to do.

I understand that investing in yourself is about more than the money. Underneath the decision to buy or not, is your nervous system and your heart. And maybe you've never done anything like this before. Maybe this is your first time actually valueing, honoring and choosing that you want to build a business from your Soul. Maybe no one in your family has done this before. Maybe you feel you're doing something selfish or dangerous.

psst...all of these feelings are completely normal :)

Your business that you dream about, the one that's made of your colors inside, the one where your dreams live, the one where you're making GOOD can do it. 

It starts when you decide it starts.

I made the Soul Success membership for you to choose yourself and to do it up big :)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Metamorphosis (Email Header) (Facebook Event Cover

     It's always been God owrking through me, this I know...I just...gotten better at trust, faith & taking inspired action when I'm scared. Which is every day. 

If you know you're here to....

  • Surrender to your God flow

  • Let what wants to come through, through

  • Create it all from within

  • LEAD

  • Have nourishing, harmonized relationships (personal & professional)

  • Make tons of money

  • Ride the wave of new paradigm abundance

  • Unleash!!!!!

  • Have tons of fun doing it!

And you know you need....

  • Healthy, loving, consistent support

  • Soul liberating structure for your intuition to land properly

  • Accountability and community

  • More consistent action to drop into your soul, create and sell every day

  • Messaging and marketing that you actually enjoy

  • Safety and aligned sales (and lots of them!)

  • Inner alignment and healing of money stuff

  • Deeper safety and trust in yourself

  • Inner energetic sovereignty

  • Freedom from systems outside of you

  • To be aligned from the inside

  • Bomb a$$ community for inspiration, motivation, accountability, support, to be seen, lift each other up and celebrate!!

I get the it feels to be different...sensitive...introverted...and

...a goofy, wild genius on the inside. I know what it feels like to not really fit in anywhere...until now. I know you're hella smart, intuitive, deeply caring, loving, always seeing the best in people..maybe to a fault get to fit in here. You get to belong here. You matter here! Your vision, your business, your success...matters here! We believe in you and we can't wait to meet you inside!

I actually keep bursting into tears writing this...I am so excited to welcome you. 

Soul success means... soul success on ALL levels!


Life, love and business all get to be fun. And it starts by you being unlocked to be fully you! 

What past clients say...

“Katie Awake is amazingly intuitive and does a wonderful job seeing her clients and their needs. I always discover new aspects of myself or my life when I work with her. She is simply full of healing, magic and love."

Daniel / Grief Coach

Katie walked me through everything she was doing in a thorough and clear manner. The healing was extrememly transformative and I continue to experience the effects even weeks after. Highly recommend if you're ready for quantum-level healing!"

Isa / Life Coach

"I'm more connected on a soul level, and Katie helped me integrate my spirit into my work- something I've struggled with throughout my entire adult life. Our work together has helped me feel expansive, free, and powerful. These are traits I knew were buried within me, but I had trouble accepting them and stepping into my power fully."

Stephanie/ Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

In Soul Success you have:

  • Consistent multidimensional coaching with Katie in two weekly set meetings. One is an energy focused Inner Wealth activation session. The other is our business success mastermind session.

  • Options for affordable 6 month package or monthly memberships

  • Facebook group with all the amazing members

  • Powerful monthly review and goal setting, so you stay on track!

  • An abundance of added soul-led business trainings for your success 

  • I'm honestly continuously tuning into the needs of the group and adding more trainings, live videos and tools

I want you to skyrocket into your 10K, 20K + months from Soul way, way faster than I did! 

This gets to be so fun! 

I'm SO in!! Take me to the 6 month membership option Katie!! (3).png
I'm SO in!! Take me to the 6 month membership option Katie!! (2).png

After your purchase is complete, I will contact you directly to get you all set up!

Let the magic begin. (2).png
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