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You’re never not qualified to be you, to speak as you, to matter, to feel, to be important…to have a VOICE!


We are here to scoop you out of the dark and place you into the light, right where you belong darling. Inside yourself! Where God is. Where truth is. Where love is. And where your inner wealth abides!! Get this alignment, this IN you, this being YOU (the way no one else can be) straightened out…and BEING you in the world (including making the monies by BEING you) is an OF COURSE.


People like to think (or perhaps have been programmed to think) that life, love, business, money…just being a person…has to be this terrible, awful, no good, arduous journey!! And I know that it really is sometimes! I have been through the shitter myself. We are not interested whatsover in pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes, including mine, quite the opposite actually!!


Let’s pull ALL of the wool OFF of our eyes, your eyes, everybody’s eyes right this very minute!!!




New low cost course…




A 3 day live course with me (Katie) begins next week.


This will be a journey together. Of the highest and deepest order. In the alignment with God and your Soul’s deepest truths..sort of way. In the way that FINALLY settles you back into being you. In the way of activating your voice be yourself and to LEAD in the way you are destined to!


This will be nervous system, heart and brain healing. This will be true voice, calm voice, love voice..healing. This will make it easy to talk from your heart & soul. It gets to flow! It gets to be easy! And you get to easily become rich doing it! Not because you don’t want to work (I know you do!) You are here to do your Soul’s work! You LOVE it and it is FUN!!! This will be putting the pieces of you back together so you can sing. So you can speak. So you can Lead.


SPEAK will also naturally activate your Soul’s business plan from the inside. The breadth of ideas, downloads, epiphanies, programs, income streams, strategy & success that will come alive inside you is WAY more than I could possibly sum up in this writing…but it is IMMENSE and these 3 days with me will serve you for long after.


This is for new Earth leaders, visionaries, old souls, embodied stars, comets, angels & fairies… here now disguised in human form who would REALLY TRULY love to be doing their hearts work BIGGER, BOLDER & TRUER!! With a big impact! And to be wealthy already! C’mon!! Am I right? All from the inside. Only in a way that is 1000% true to you!!


Is this what you’ve been seeking?


Cost is $77. This will be 3 live zoom sessions, have it’s own private Facebook group & I’ll likely add bonuses. The content will be yours for life. You're welcome to message me directly on facebook with any questions at all 💙💙


I love to activate people into their self/wealth/purpose/path/joy! 

If you are feeling a YES OMG THIS IS FOR ME inside...complete payment below and let's get you rollin' :) Once complete, send me a private message on facebook (Katie Awake) to let me know.


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