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Your Inner Genuis_ The Mastermind (2).pn

The holiness of women, our indestructible FIRE for love, truth and healing... cannot be erased from the universal mind; but it was erased temporarily from religious texts for the last few thousand years on this planet. It's time NOW to unbury your voice and make lots of money doing it, helping tons of people!! All for the highest good of you, your family, humanity and our ascending planet!

ANY discomfort, unworthiness, queeziness you feel readint these words...are LIES that you ingested because you had to to survive at some place, but now it's time to LIVE the truth of your DESTINY fiery soul. 

We do this through love, worship of the divine inside you, through freeing your body of trauma (of this life and past) and by midwifing you to birth your next level of wealth in business.

Truth can NEVER be destroyed, only temporarily covered's time for your come back. Bigger than ever before, baby! 

Business and spirituality are not separate. Money is good for you. The energy of money will heal your nervous system & having lots of it allows you to have that massive-ripples-of-change impact that you KNOW you can have. 

Your deepest Soul yearnings for WILD business success ARE your map.. God's desires for your business ARE your Soul's desires. What you envision is REAL and POSSIBLE, are you ready to step FULLY into the fire of your YES and live in your natural state of flow?

Soulmate community & clients

More wealth

Soul inspired offers

More time and freedom

This is the most aligned I have ever felt creating an offer.

I am so glad you are here. It is time for us to gather! Again.

6 years ago I began yearning for a sacred women's circle for women to recover trusting their feminine wisdom to lead their businesses.  

I hosted women's gatherings at my studio apartment, group healing events at yoga studios, and I've worked with hundreds of 1:1 clients... what has rounded out my mastermind offer is healing my relationship with money and integrating what I've learned into my work. It's now time for you to reunite your divine femininity with your business. This will heal your body, organically increase your self-worth, able you to experience deeper pleasure, and your next level of wealth creation will become as natural as breathing.

MERRY MEET AND MERRY PART AND MERRY MEET AGAIN. Our daily group chat is a sacred space for high speed quantum growth. Our monthly virtual gathering is a ceremony to wed spiritual and material abundance for you. You also receive 1 private 60 min phone session with Katie each month - for Soul rebirth of your divine self & mission. This is a 6 month program for 5 women, running from May to October of 2021.

Areas we cover:

  • Heal all money wounds from childhood and past lifetimes

  • Disover feeling safe in your body, so you can feel safe with more love & money

  • Practice recognizing, feeling, processing and releasing emotion from your body with ease

  • Total quantum healing from limiting attachment styles and energy traps of narcissistic abusers

  • Quantum upgrade your self-worth

  • Discovery of unlimited fun and joyful creativity (inner child healing)

  • Heart healing so you can express from your feminine heart center to become magnetic for your desires

  • Sexual energy healing

  • Energy work to close all money leakages and seal your energy field

  • Guidance to trust and follow YOUR Soul guidance in business 

  • You are right on the cusp of re-birthing yourself and your business

  • You've been trying every marketing strategy, abundance meditation and chakra tuning workshop to find next level success; but nothing's working.

  • You've grown tired of denying your own genius.

  • You are beyond ready to alchemize the wounds and patterns that need healing; so you can finally birth your visions, secure your next level of wealth, and live a life of ease.

  • You're ready to create the lifestyle that is JUICY to your Soul

Structure and investment:

  • This is a 6 month virtual container for 5 women. May-October 2021

  • Daily group chat, inspiration, celebration, healing and coaching with Katie

  • 1 monthly virtual sacred women's circle where Katie leads Soul Remembering & Rebirth, to catapult you all into CREATION FIRE MODE and ABUNDANCE

  • Includes membership in Women Remember as well for the 6 months (normally $330)

  • 50% off all live program launches Katie does during the mastermind

  • Investment is $3500 if paid in full, or $777 per month for 6 months

  • No refunds - only full on commitment YES LET'S SHOOT ACROSS THE SKY LIKE DIVINE FEMININE GODDESS COMETS - is accepted :) 

Your Inner Genuis_ The Mastermind (1).pn
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