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Healing Services

Once payment is complete, you will receive an email to book your session!

Hi there! So glad you've landed here. I started my healing business (of this lifetime) in 2013..first out of my own studio apartment, then a few rental spaces and yoga studios. I'm most adept at finding/healing/retrieving inner child parts and soul parts for my clients. The soul fragments into different pieces from times of trauma or challenge or overwhelm. These are subtle energetic realms. Often times my clients aren't aware that they need soul retrieval work until we are mid-session...but this soul parts remembering work is honestly the reason why people are searching outside of themself for 'wholeness'...because their inner wholeness needs to be re-membered. The whole purpose of everything I do is to assist others in their inner spiritual ascension process. So, along the way, we do soul parts retrieval, past life healing, inner child healing, emotional processing, ancestral healing, negative entity or attachment clearing, healing for all systems of the body, chakras and energy field. I only work through my own God Union and the God union of my clients, so that I can assure you (and myself) we are always spiritually safe and protected. Truly, all frequencies that are not of God..or have seriously fallen out of harmony...are dispelled just by coming into this space. We often begin sessions with energy clearing.

Naturally, your Soul's desires are what lead the sessions. God is in control, not me. I act as a spiritual midwife for your deepening into union with the divine.

If you are looking for inner energy healing, to be more self-differentiated in your own energy, to be free on energy siphoning or negative energies, and to tune into your Soul's mission/purpose/path/business you're in the right place.

My clients results are extraordinary. They experience heart healing, resolution from grief, attract soul mates, heal religious trauma, deepen their inner direct relationship with God, mend karma with their families, experience profound relief from chronic pain, deepen their self-trust. birth new businesses, start making more money, collapse time and decrease the amount of reincarnations they have to do, retrieve their soul parts from past life trauma, come into union with their inner child/soul. Overall they experience profound inner fulfillment, peace, soul purpose, joy, sacred union & increased prosperity.


A great place to start is a 3 month program or book an hour session first if you like. You can be on your first call with me as soon as this week! My calendar currently has openings for December and January. 


Email me directly at with any questions. 

Talk to you soon!


Healing Services

Once payment is complete, you will receive an email to book your session!



What Katie's clients say...

“Katie Awake is amazingly intuitive and does a wonderful job seeing her clients and their needs. I always discover new aspects of myself or my life when I work with her. She is simply full of healing, magic and love."

Daniel / Grief Coach

Katie walked me through everything she was doing in a thorough and clear manner. The healing was extrememly transformative and I continue to experience the effects even weeks after. Highly recommend if you're ready for quantum-level healing!"

Isa / Life Coach

"I'm more connected on a soul level, and Katie helped me integrate my spirit into my work- something I've struggled with throughout my entire adult life. Our work together has helped me feel expansive, free, and powerful. These are traits I knew were buried within me, but I had trouble accepting them and stepping into my power fully."

Stephanie/ Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

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